Nearly There

July 24, 2015

duration: 5 hours

location: Grüntaler9, Berlin

materials: glass, ice, string, miscellaneous concoctions

Nearly There was created for Grüntaler9 in Berlin. The performance plays with time as a slow drip and as a violent crash. It explores the relationship between interior and exterior (times, bodies, spaces).

Process Notes:

Glass, Ice, String.

Familiar Beginnings.

The slow drip


melting, breaking



mouth as puddle.

Pungent residue,

transformation and rot.

Gag, flex stomach and toes

widen chest.

The head turns slowly.

Sticky film spills and gathers in clavicle.

Spills and gathers between breasts,

spills and gathers in navel,

between foot and floor.

Puddles again.

Saliva, broken glass, smell of decay, a stained

button-up shirt.