if this gets messy

April 23 - April 30, 2013

duration: 6 days & 28-hours

locations: Arastradero Preserve, S. Service Road, Lausen St. approaching Thomas Welton Art Gallery, Half Moon Bay State Beach, Bernal Heights Park, The Oval, Piggott Theater

materials: ice, nylon rope, paint, text from Kierkegaard’s Repetition, metal buckets, black balloons, sticks, dirt, earth, wooden chairs, string, 23’x60’ canvas

if this gets messy was performed for 8 consecutive days. The piece foregrounds repetition in order to unsettle familiar patriarchal measures of progress.  

It began with different site-based performances that took place in public space.

It culminated in a consecutive 28-hour performance that took place in a theater.

In the theater, the site-based performance scores were repeated. A seventh score, created for the theatre as its own environment, was added to the cycle of scores in hour 13.

Once I stepped onto the stage, I did not leave, take breaks, eat, drink, or sleep. As with all of my long durational performances, I had no clock with me on stage. 

Day One: “Embrace” - Duration, 1-hour

Day Two: “Still Labor” - Duration, 1-hour

Day 3: “Vibration” - Duration, 1-hour

Day 4: “Relation” - Duration, 1-hour

Day 5: “Wait” - Duration, 1-hour

Day 6: “Bound” - Duration, 1-hour

Days 7/8: if this gets messy - Duration: 28-hours

April 29th, 3pm - April 30th, 7pm

Responses and Reflections

In the video below, choreographer Ann Carlson and Sculptor Terry Berlier respond to if this gets messy and talk with me immediately after the conclusion of the weeklong durational performance.